Post-GGJ15 info

Unfortunately, for the second consecutive year I was unable to attend my lovely Global Game Jam – I participated in all others, and miss these is like a shame for me. Anyway, I took the weekend and make some sort of one-man GGJ, and the result is a funny prototype I’m now fixing AI things (you know, my “jam” did not had the rhythm of a real one…) Right now I’m finishing the enemy auto-generator system (for encounters and stuff), and later on I’ll publish a picture here.

The game is a sort of action and brawler, with some elements I love to the bones: disposable characters (YEAH!), permadeath, improving system and local multiplayer (one of the main reasons I make digital games after all). By “improving system” I mean a leveling one, but not in the tradicional way – it’s just some small improvements, as the characters are disposable. More news coming in.

Sobre o melhor jogo da história do Brasil

Hoje postei um link no Facebook, onde um amigo me fez a seguinte pergunta:

Fábio, pergunta honesta para você que está morando na Espanha. Sempre tive a impressão de que isto (no caso, as cifras envolvidas no Futebol na Europa) poderia dever-se ao fato do Futebol, que é visto como um esporte das classes mais pobres no Brasil, ser um esporte mais “elitizado” (não sei se seria o termo certo, mas não veio outro em mente) na Europa, um espetáculo acompanhado por uma fatia mais abrangente da sociedade. É uma impressão equivocada?
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Random thoughts under way

As you can see, my blog is completely outdated. I went to GDC13 (which was awesome, by the way), met awesome people, got approved as Official developer for Nintendo and now Sony, now I’m developing games for some very very big companies… that’s why my time is so short to keep writing.

Anyway, it seems that lots of people want to hear some words of mine regarding several subjects. Some, which are general, will be posted in english; others, which is more suitable to the Brazilian people and context, will be posted in portugues – sorry, people!

I hope that this will be interesting. And as it couldn’t be different, I’ll start talking about the yesterday’s game: Brazil 1×7 Germany. Stay tuned!

GDC 13!

Now there’s just 10 days separating us from the begin of 2013’s GDC. We’re going there bringing our first IP, aimed for what we’re calling the “next-gen players” (more info on the subject soon). The playable prototype is almost ready to test, so after GDC maybe we’ll post some gameplay videos here. Wish us luck, and God bless our endeavour!

Last Console generation? Really?

There are some “prophets” bringing the apocalypse, saying that console business are dead, even announcing how or when this would happen; all because of online and smartphone gaming, they usually say. It’s so spreaded out that I think even investor and jurassic publishers/studios started worrying about. Moreover, asian game companies are always the “final confirmation” that this is absolutely true. Continuar lendo