Random thoughts under way

As you can see, my blog is completely outdated. I went to GDC13 (which was awesome, by the way), met awesome people, got approved as Official developer for Nintendo and now Sony, now I’m developing games for some very very big companies… that’s why my time is so short to keep writing.

Anyway, it seems that lots of people want to hear some words of mine regarding several subjects. Some, which are general, will be posted in english; others, which is more suitable to the Brazilian people and context, will be posted in portugues – sorry, people!

I hope that this will be interesting. And as it couldn’t be different, I’ll start talking about the yesterday’s game: Brazil 1×7 Germany. Stay tuned!

GDC 13!

Now there’s just 10 days separating us from the begin of 2013’s GDC. We’re going there bringing our first IP, aimed for what we’re calling the “next-gen players” (more info on the subject soon). The playable prototype is almost ready to test, so after GDC maybe we’ll post some gameplay videos here. Wish us luck, and God bless our endeavour!

Last Console generation? Really?

There are some “prophets” bringing the apocalypse, saying that console business are dead, even announcing how or when this would happen; all because of online and smartphone gaming, they usually say. It’s so spreaded out that I think even investor and jurassic publishers/studios started worrying about. Moreover, asian game companies are always the “final confirmation” that this is absolutely true. Continuar lendo

A new change on the site

After some months fighting with the “personal” version of WordPress (the one you put directly on your own website), I’m moving wordpress’ servers, definitively. I was trying to update to the new version, but everything seemed to mess up. Bad, bad WordPress auto system. I lost all my posts, with or without backup. Anyway, I hadn’t wrote a lot as well.

The good side is that now I’ll not need to make any special changes anymore, and will be able to post from my iPhone, which will be nice. Finally will be easy to post all the nonsense I’ll love to share with people, when it comes to me. Nice!

I’m still figuring out how to put all posts on all required languages (English, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish and now Catalan), but maybe one day I’ll manage this. God help me! lol

Little Big Change

Hi there!

It’s quite a long time I don’t post anything here. It was because, rolling back to september, me and my wife received an opportunity to live and study in Barcelona-Spain. In 2 weeks we had to arrange everything, from docs to vista and travel tickets, and get there. And if that’s was not enough, in the first 2 months here we simply hadn’t a place to live, hanging from a hostel to another… bad times, but now only a distant memory. Continuar lendo

#gamedevdiet, the other way

Brenda Brathwaite, a well-known game designer, started this hashtag a few months ago, bringing news about her fight trying to lose weight and achieve what she wants – which is usually fun, and very interesting to see. But this is not what I am talking about now.

For me, just like with food, there’s things we “eat” because we need, others because we want, maybe because it’s healthful, and others because it’s plain taste and fun. This way of thinking is mainly what I use as a reference of what to play, what to buy, what to look for, etc. Example: Uncharted 2 is healthful; Death Rally, not at all. Continuar lendo

The console business has won

I had just received a tweet with an interview excerpt with Seamus Blackley, Xbox co-creator, with some epic quotes, which I put below.

“While Apple has been widely credited with expanding the gaming market, Blackley believes it was never its intention to do so. ‘They hated videogames,’ he says. ‘The victory of games is utterly complete with Apple. It’s a total victory.'”

“They tried real hard to make the iPad about word processing and music, and the audience just doesn’t want it. It’s beautiful. You don’t need to have a games strategy anymore.”

“The highest calling of any digital device is to play a game.”