The living game

Game development is something amazing. You start with a basic idea, shape it until it starts working, then polish, shape again, and son on – until you find something thrustful enough to say “that’s it”. At least, that’s how it works for me.

And one of the most rewarding things on game development is when you see that thing you’re creating behaving as you want – or even as you didn’t, but in a meaningful/interesting way. It’s like watching a thing becoming alive somehow. Continuar lendo

The waves come and go

I grew up playing FIFA, since the first version (’94); mostly because I didn’t had a PlayStation to play WE, although I played some Superstar Soccer in SNES and N64 (its grandfather). FIFA did not used to be the most realistic soccer game, but it was somehow fun to play, once you ignored some critical flaws. Continuar lendo

A new time

Hooray! Tomorrow will be my first day teaching Game Programming, and in Spanish! What a big responsability ahead… and a great time as well! I’m mostly worried about the language difference, but hopefully everything will be fine. The knowledge and experience is not a problem.

At some point, I think, I’ll write something comparing Game Design and Game Programming students. It’s going to be awesome…

Gamelab ahead!

Now I’m preparing my first commercial game to be presented to the world, as I’m loking for partnership to finish the job. It’s a soccer game with lots of very different features, more news soon!

PS Vita market analysis article

I just saw this article in the web about the actual and (possible) future of the PS Vita system. I can’t agree more.

I can’t, simply can’t understand why the system is not as successfull as it could be. In fact I know (terribly Sony marketing/positioning job), but it’s a freakingly loving machine I don’t understand why there’s so few people actually playing with it. I always was an advocate of the system and will keep being, simply because it’s amazing. To the point that my first own games (I’m missing the picture of yesterday!) are being developed with the system in mind – actually I’m a Sony approved developer.

So if you once considered the possibility, do the favor to yourself (and to myself :)) and buy it. I’m so sad Sony don’t work with it as it deserves. Hopefully they’ll change it in a near future.