PS Vita market analysis article

I just saw this article in the web about the actual and (possible) future of the PS Vita system. I can’t agree more.

I can’t, simply can’t understand why the system is not as successfull as it could be. In fact I know (terribly Sony marketing/positioning job), but it’s a freakingly loving machine I don’t understand why there’s so few people actually playing with it. I always was an advocate of the system and will keep being, simply because it’s amazing. To the point that my first own games (I’m missing the picture of yesterday!) are being developed with the system in mind – actually I’m a Sony approved developer.

So if you once considered the possibility, do the favor to yourself (and to myself :)) and buy it. I’m so sad Sony don’t work with it as it deserves. Hopefully they’ll change it in a near future.

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