Post-GGJ15 info

Unfortunately, for the second consecutive year I was unable to attend my lovely Global Game Jam – I participated in all others, and miss these is like a shame for me. Anyway, I took the weekend and make some sort of one-man GGJ, and the result is a funny prototype I’m now fixing AI things (you know, my “jam” did not had the rhythm of a real one…) Right now I’m finishing the enemy auto-generator system (for encounters and stuff), and later on I’ll publish a picture here.

The game is a sort of action and brawler, with some elements I love to the bones: disposable characters (YEAH!), permadeath, improving system and local multiplayer (one of the main reasons I make digital games after all). By “improving system” I mean a leveling one, but not in the tradicional way – it’s just some small improvements, as the characters are disposable. More news coming in.

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